Recruiting for Clinical Trials

Recruiting for Clinical Trials

When you choose to make Clinical List America your partner in patient recruitment for clinical trials, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that will greatly benefit your campaign. Our experts’ suggestions will save you money and quicken patient recruitment at every stage of the process, from narrowing your mailing list for best results to getting the help of local doctors. Here are some of our most important direct mail products and how they can benefit you.

Compiling Your Tailored Mailing List

You want your mailers to be high quality, engaging, and clear, but even more importantly, you want them to reach those in your area who are most likely to qualify for your study. With our system, patient recruitment outsourcing grants you access to our database of highly detailed, certified addresses sorted by indication, age, and many other relevant variables. Because HIPAA privacy affects patient recruitment outsourcing, it is best to have an experienced partner such as Clinical List America provide a list of addressees who have self-reported and opted in to receiving research trial notifications. Our lists are guaranteed HIPAA-compliant and shorten the time you need for patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Postcards and Flyers

Our most cost-effective mailers are postcards and flyers, available in a variety of sizes and designs. We suggest using oversized cards, which are less likely to get thrown away accidentally or blend in with a pile of junk mail. These mailers balance colorful, attention-grabbing elements with a tone of professionalism in order to encourage a response. All of our items use personalized addresses (not a “current resident” designation) to ensure that the household’s qualifying member gets the research trial notification.

Privacy Mailbacks and Envelopes

Patient recruitment for clinical trials sometimes requires additional privacy. Certain indications such as depression and low testosterone should not be displayed on a large postcard, and these studies are best announced with sealed, private envelopes. A privacy mailback allows the recipient to respond with personal information, but without making that information visible to postal workers and anyone else who might happen to see the piece of mail. These extra efforts show your volunteers that their privacy and security are important to you.

Doctor-to-Doctor Letters

Sites often underestimate the potential benefits of relationships with local doctors. These professionals know their patients’ medical situations thoroughly, and are often happy to refer those patients to you if they may qualify for an upcoming research trial. When you work with Clinical List America, a patient recruitment specialist assists you in composing a professional letter for local doctors, complete with a logo, letterhead, and professional envelope.

Patient recruitment is best outsourced to a partner that understands the range of issues that come to play during a campaign for patient recruitment for clinical trials. We look forward to talking with you and streamlining your next search for research trial volunteers.