Data List Protocol

Data List Protocol

Don’t waste your site’s precious marketing budget on advertising that reaches thousands of people who aren’t even qualified to participate in your research trial. There’s a much better recruitment method available, and it allows you to spend time and money reaching only the people who are most likely to join your study. Our data list protocol maximizes the efficiency of direct mail, implementing multiple filters, updates, compliance checks, and other procedures so that your direct mail has the most impact possible and is HIPAA approved.

Detail is Power

The detailed information contained in every entry on our mailing lists gives you an unprecedented ability to single out the members of your community who will most benefit from your mailer. Here are just a few of the filters we use to perfect your site’s mailing list:

  • Geography: Your radius will depend on population density, travel time, and the nature of your study’s indication.
  • Indication: The most important filter of all! Only contact those who have your research trial’s indication.
  • Age and gender: Give us the demographic; we find the volunteers.

As you work with us to narrow the focus of your mailing, your rate of response will rise and your chances of meeting your quota will become better than ever before.

100% HIPAA Compliant

In the retail advertising world, mailing lists are often compiled using tactics that are deceptive or downright unethical. Our system does not work that way! Every person who is included in our database has volunteered his or her information and has expressed interest in a particular indication. We take great care to ensure that our data collection practices are in complete compliance with HIPAA requirements, protecting the privacy of your site’s potential volunteers.

Accurate Addresses

Given the very large size of our data resources, the circumstances of the addressees are always changing. When you send out your mailers, you do not want them to arrive at the house of someone who:

  • Has made it clear that they are no longer interested in clinical research notifications
  • Is no longer eligible for clinical research trials
  • Has passed away
  • Has moved to a different address

We have protocols in place to update our lists in response to these and other changes. We are in communication with the U.S. Postal Service on a real time basis to keep up with address changes, and even if we are not aware of any changes, we discard addresses after 24 months. This means that you can count on your mailing list being current, CASS certified, and stocked with high value addresses.

Your trial marketing budget is most effective when every mailer you pay for ends up in the hands of someone who is positive toward clinical trials, has your trial’s indication, and lives close enough to your site to participate. That’s what our data protocol offers—contact us today for more information.