Clinical Trials Marketing

Clinical Trial Marketing

Clinical trials marketing is quite a bit different from marketing a product or service. For a site that is interested in quickly recruiting volunteers for each trial, there are several important marketing goals to accomplish:

  • Raise visibility in the community before recruitment begins
  • Engage in a highly targeted, efficient recruitment campaign to find volunteers for study
  • Maintain connections in the community that will prove valuable during the next recruitment campaign

From branding your site to conducting clinical trial post marketing, Clinical List America is ready to provide you with the clinical trial marketing expertise, tools, and advice you need for success.

Before Recruiting

The sooner you begin introducing your site to the surrounding community, the more familiar your potential volunteers will be with your work when they receive your mailer requesting participation in an upcoming study. At Clinical List America, we help you design a logo, craft a message to the public, produce promotional items, and find creative ways to meet real people at special health-related events. We also assist with traditional advertising efforts such as print media, television, and radio ads.

Recruiting Volunteers

The centerpiece of our clinical trials marketing process is direct mail to a 100% HIPAA-compliant mailing list composed of those in your community most likely to qualify for your study. Filtered by age, gender, geography, and other relevant factors, this mailing list streamlines your recruitment and ensures that every penny spent on postcards and flyers is money well spent. And because we create and publish all mail products in house, you don’t have to get another company involved. Our years of experience in the clinical trials marketing industry allows us to quickly prepare a mailer that gets noticed by recipients and represents your site just as you want it to.

After Recruiting

Marketing and clinical trials continue to coexist after the volunteer quota is filled and the study is complete. Until the next direct mail campaign, Clinical List America will help you create an informational brochure to keep the public aware of your site. In addition, we help you develop some of your most important professional connections through the use of doctor-to-doctor letters. By asking local physicians to notify their qualifying patients about your research trials, you give your next recruitment effort a head start.

The clinical research market can be a confusing place, and you may be having trouble coming up with efficient, workable ideas to get the word out about your site. Call Clinical List America today to find out how our affordable services make us a one-stop source for all your clinical trials marketing needs. From artistic design of letterheads and brochures to narrowing your mailing list for maximum value, we look forward to providing our expertise.