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Skip the Marketing Headaches—Choose Direct Mail

Of all the clinical trial marketing options available, why should you select direct mail? The simple answer is that it is the most effective method of reaching the most valuable contacts in your area for any given study. Television commercials get muted and ignored; social media posts quickly pass out of memory; and every-door mailers land in the mailboxes of thousands of people who don’t qualify for your study at all. Direct mail, sent only to a mailing list of people who have your indication and are likely to qualify, increases your rate of response by a dramatic margin. Here is how our products and processes can take the headaches out of marketing for your site:

Direct Mail by the Numbers

Consider the following statistics related to direct mail as compared with other types of marketing:

  • Only ten percent of responses to clinical trial marketing efforts are from email, while 34 percent are from direct mail.
  • 50 percent of people surveyed prefer reading a physical piece of mail over an email.
  • Nearly 100 percent of homeowners examine the contents of their mailbox six days a week!

When you place a physical piece of mail in the hands of a potential volunteer, you have already jumped ahead of an email, social media, TV, or radio ad alternative. The numbers clearly show that the recipient is very likely to give your postcard or flyer a high level of attention, especially if the piece is personally addressed to someone in the home.

Designing Your Mailer

While getting your mailer into the recipient’s hand is critical, there is still work to be done. The size and design of your piece may determine whether the recipient mistakes it for junk mail, fails to see it because it gets mixed up with other flyers, or picks it up and takes the time to read it. Our variety of mailer styles includes the following:

  • Oversized, sturdy cards that stand out from other mail and can’t be ignored
  • Folded mailers with attached mailbacks for convenient response
  • Sealed envelopes that communicate professionalism and reliability
  • Customized options that perfectly represent your site and the trial you are marketing

Every postcard, flyer, and envelope option is printed using high quality stocks, inks, and processes at our in-house printing facility. That means you can rest assured that your site is being represented as well as possible by your direct mail campaign.

Hearing Back from Respondents

The easier it is for potential volunteers to respond to your mailer, the more responses you will get. With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to connect with research trial recruits, and we help you make full use of those methods:

  • Dynamic response saves the respondent the cost of a stamp and shows that the respondent’s convenience is important to you.
  • A QR code or text message number provides an immediate contact avenue for follow-up questions.
  • A PURL offers a secure, convenient way to respond online at the respondent’s leisure.

Contact us today to find out more about how our direct mail products can make your next clinical trial recruitment campaign your most successful yet.

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